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this is how i defy gravity.

December 16, 2009

Remember that time I lost a bet to Peter? (Silly hockey games.)

And remember that time I promised you a video of me singing my little heart out?

Well, I decided to combine the two.

Actually, this is what I wanted to post the whole time, but I had trouble uploading it. After consulting with my technology hero Matt, I finally was able to fix my issues with the upload and voila! It works.

So with great pride (and immense embarrassment so even if you hate it tell me you love it because my self-esteem can’t handle it) I present to you my Grammy award winning performance of Defying Gravity.

(Stick around until the end and you’ll see the bonus feature.)

So there ya go kiddos. My Broadway debut. Happy Wednesday!

(DISCLAIMER: I never claimed to be able to sing. This is purely for entertainment value. Please don’t hold me a high standard or even remote seriousness in any of this. It’s total ridiculosity.)

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