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spring in dc

I got out of my early morning yoga class on Sunday, walked four blocks to the neighborhood coffeshop where I ordered an iced latte and some breakfast sandwiches, and walked a few blocks more to meet up with my friends. I caught my reflection in a window and had to laugh. Here I was, in my yoga pants + tank + mat with an iced coffee in my hand, strolling through my neighborhood and feeling right at home.

Know what I was doing at 9:30 on Sunday mornings three months ago? Sleeping. And then laying around my apartment doing nothing until it was time to sleep again.

To say I’m happy in DC is an understatement. 

It wasn’t that I was unhappy in Atlanta, but it just wasn’t my place. You know those moments when you look around and can’t believe this is your life? That’s what Sunday was for me. Though I looked the part of a yuppie cliche, I was still in disbelief that I actually live here.

There are a million things I could write about – brunches and out of town guests and summer plans and that time I woke up with a bag of cheese fries next to my bed – but between twitter + instagram, I’m not sure how much there is left to share?

(I’m a terrible blogger.)

What’s new with you?



When you have three weeks’ notice to pack up your things and leave behind the life you spent two and a half years building from scratch, a lot of emotions bubble to the surface.

I’ve been in DC for thirteen days and I feel like I have a bit of perspective on said emotions. Mostly it’s been relief. Relief that I found a new adventure, relief that I landed in a city that I love, relief that it was relatively painless and inexpensive to fulfill my desire for change.

The sadness and regret trickle in too, of course. Sadness at leaving behind some amazing people in Atlanta. Regret that I didn’t have more time with others.

Uncertainty and insecurity about finding my place in a new environment and proving myself in this office.

Eagerness to experience it all and jump right in and find my new routines and grooves.

These thirteen days have been full of brunches and new yoga studios and logistical challenges and figuring out the best route to work and unpacking and settling in and a surprisingly minimal amount of tears.

(And the tears can mostly be blamed on a certain 8-pound ball of meowing fur who decided it would be a good idea to find an impossibly secret hiding spot to camp out in for an entire weekend, thereby inducing an off-the-charts meltdown on my behalf and resulting in at least a week shaved off my life expectancy.)

(Cats are assholes.)

I miss my people down south, but I know I have people up here too and I am indescribably thrilled to throw out my recent hermit-like ways and absorb everything this city has to offer me. It’s springtime and the cherry blossoms have bloomed and the sun keeps shining and everyone is emerging from their winter hibernation and I couldn’t have planned a better time to replant my roots than now.

It’s going to be fun. You should come visit.


Have you ever believed something to be true about yourself for a long time, only to find out that maybe it wasn’t true at all but you’d spent so much time telling yourself it was true that you began to believe it?

I’ve spent the past year or so living the life I thought I wanted – stable, quiet, cozy, full of Lululemon pants and good books and tv marathons and plenty of me time and kitty cuddles. After years of one change after another, it’s what I needed and what I thought I wanted.

Alas, the pendulum of change has swung too far in the other direction and I am now resting comfortably in the arms of stagnation.

But then those moments come along when you remember your old self and remember that you like her, and you wonder where she went and why she doesn’t come around much anymore. Sometimes those moments are strung together in the form of a long weekend spent in Nashville with your best friend from college, the one who lived across the hall from you freshman year and across campus from you sophomore year and across the street from you junior year and then two floors above you for the last two semesters of an incredible four years.

Friends like that have a way of reminding you that you deserve the best, and that you like dancing with strangers in bars, and that running towards a new adventure doesn’t mean you have to run away from where you came from.

Between a hockey game and a bar crawl and a plantation tour and a Dairy Queen pitstop and pedicures and shopping sprees and eight hours in the car together, I came to realize that just because I’m extremely well-versed in relocating my life across the country and starting from scratch doesn’t mean I should.

It turns out the life that I want includes stability and adventure, coziness and  trying new things, time to myself and quality time with my people and dammit, I’m going to get it.


I found this post in my drafts, having written it two months ago and promptly forgetting to hit publush. I’m backdating it to the date it was written, but I can’t help being amused that sometimes, things work out in crazy ways.

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I just counted and I wrote 17 blog posts in 2012.

That is not very many, and I assure you that I thought about writing more of them and then I didn’t, for various reasons, which can mostly be chalked up to I forgot. Other times I can attribute the lack of posting to feeling like after nearly five yeras, this has become a place where I write when I want to and when I have something important to say, and apparently that only happened 17 times last year.

But something important is very subjective, and it is entirely possible that you did not deem a single one of the 17 posts I wrote last year to be important and that the prerequisite that my writing be important is just a symptom of being self-absorbed and extremely arrogant.

You might be correct.

Perhaps 2013 is going to be the year I can actually call myself a blogger again. Though perhaps not, and I suppose we will see in a year from now whether that holds true. In the meantime though, here are some mundane life updates to make you feel better about not having your life together. Let’s commiserate together, shall we?

// I cut 6 or 8 inches off my hair this weekend, and one of the perks of working with a bunch of dudes is that no one at work noticed at all, thus saving me from the repeated “Did you cut your hair?” conversation that I was dreading this morning. I gave them too much credit.

// My Christmas tree is still up, though I have not plugged it in since before the holidays. This is not because I worry that my neighbors will wonder why someone still has a Christmas tree on display but rather because the outlet to plug the tree into is behind a piece of furniture and I need an extension cord and then I have to move a bunch of things and the obstacles are many. I’m also going to have to throw away said Christmas tree because the monkey cat has used is as her own personal gym for the past two months and this 8-pound monster has taken it upon herself to irreversibly bend the branches, making it appear to be the saddest and droopiest $50 Target Christmas tree in existence.

// While we’re on the topic of Christmas… I spent months and months ogling this white coral bowl from afar, never quite being able to justify spending $100 on a bowl with holes in it. If it looks familiar, it might be because you are as obsessed with True Blood as I am and it appeared in numerous episodes this summer, gallantly displaying itself on the conference table at The Authority offices. And now, after months of cyber drooling, I own this beautiful hole-y ceramic bowl. It turns out the one store in the world that sells this piece is within walking distance of my family’s condo in Naples, so… Merry Christmas to me.

// I’ve rejoined the ranks of OkCupid users and let me just say, I am a masochist. Don’t ever believe otherwise, because my insistence that maybe this time it won’t be so bad! and it’s a nice distraction  is bordering on insane. I’m convinced that I could write zero words on my profile and still end up with dudes messaging me asinine questions. Which is to say nothing to the quality of my photos, and everything to their lack of appropriate standards when contacting women. And yet here I am, beating my head against a wall and wondering why dudes feel the need to send me a message asking me why I never responded to the other message they sent. Note: I’m not sure what it means about your dating life when your ex-boyfriend texts you to tell you he wishes you still blogged about dating, but I’m guessing it can’t be good.

// My one and only goal for 2013 is to become a Morning Person, in the sense that I can stop hitting snooze 7 times and instead wake up and go for a run. There are countless excuses for me to not go for a run after work, but only one to overcome in the morning, so I’m hoping I can pull this off at least once in the next twelve months.

// The new Tegan and Sara album is the sexiest music out there and you should go download it. I don’t think any album has made me want to make out as much as this one does.

// Work is the same except also really different all of a sudden. We announced this month that we are acquiring another company in the area and while we have 17 offices across the country, this acquisition will only affect my office and it will affect us a lot. I also got a sort-of promotion today, which is thrilling in that I’m being recognized for my work and abilities but also won’t change my day-to-day activities very much. Regardless, different is good and change is good and I’m looking forward to it.

// I went skeet shooting recently (see above note about dating again) and I can cross it off a list of Things I’ve Never Done and add it to the list of Things I Never Want To Do Again because that shit was terrifying. Had I been with someone I knew better, I probably would have had a total meltdown but the thought of collapsing to the ground in the fetal position and sobbing my eyes out in front of a stranger was more humiliating than I could bear so I pushed through and shot 25 rounds at innocent clay pigeons. I even managed to hit one, which was nothing short of miraculous given that my eyes were closed the entire time.

// Something I’ve discovered about myself recently that I should have known all along: I cannot keep saltine crackers / cheez-its / wheat thins / goldfish / crackers of any kind in my house for any extended amount of time because I will eat them all. In one sitting. It is not pretty. I should probably do a 12 Steps thing and abstain from crackery deliciousness altogether but y’all… that does not sound very fun.

// I’ve done a lot of yoga this month and it has truly saved my sanity. The studio I go to has a tolerable amount of the yogini-zen-namaste-earthiness to it, and my cynical self has even grown to enjoy the hippie spirit of it all. I will also embrace any excuse to wear my new Lululemon wunder unders because they are the most delicious pants I own.

// I’m traveling to Nashville in February to meet up with my best friend from college, and then to DC in March to brunch with my favorites and cheer on my dad + so many others in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, and then to Savannah for the first time in April for a friend’s bachelorette weekend. All of these trips are a bright spot and I’m so glad I have them to look forward to.

I have now written 1200+ words about my life and my narcissism is starting to show, so let’s balance things out by having you tell me what you’ve been up to lately. Tell me a secret or a trip you’re taking or the guy/gal you’re crushing on. I am ferociously nosey so please indulge me, if not in the comments then by email. I love email.



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